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Hurry! This Dell 27-inch monitor is over 50% off for a limited time

The 27-inch Dell S2721HN monitor with a colorful scene on the screen.

Dell is getting aggressive with desktop monitor deals this season, with the Dell S2721HN getting some serious action at over 50% off. In human terms, that’s a $160 discount, moving the price to $150 from the regular price of $310. We’ve only seen a deal like this on the Dell S2721HN once before, during last week’s Prime Early Access deals. So, if you missed it then, don’t make the same mistake again. Beware, though, as this is a limited-quantity deal, the only way to lock it in is by completing your order!

Why you should buy the Dell S2721HN now

The Dell S2721HN is the perfect monitor for the neat, wants-to-be-organized user. There are few monitors at this price point more satisfying to wake up to in a brightly lit room, coffee in hand, ready to get to work. It all comes down to the features Dell has optimized the Dell S2721HN with. Using Dell’s EasyArrange software you can keep your apps organized and arranged how you like, so keeping tabs on your email while popping into a Zoom meeting is no problem. The morning light that keeps you energized won’t affect your screen, either, with the Dell S2721HN’s LED backlighting and antiglare screen coating.

But, what’s it like under the hood? It’s sporting the fairly standard 1080p monitor resolution, which our computer monitor buying guide will remind you isn’t the greatest available. However, with a 4-millisecond response time and 75Hz refresh rate for the monitor’s 16.7 million colors, all but the most intensive of users will be happy. The whole package is a worker’s dream, as you don’t need to have (and pay for) hyper-tuned specs to be happy.

Again, this is your big chance to get a cool Dell monitor with more than 50% of the price removed. This drops a $310 monitor down to a very affordable $150. It’s really hard to imagine the price ever going lower, as the same price was recently featured in the Prime Early Access sales last week. Perhaps Dell is using the limited-quantity deal to empty out their remaining inventory. In any event, if you do happen to take advantage of the deal, take your $160 in savings and look at our best desktop computer deals as there’s no use having a fancy monitor without a computer to go with it!

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