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70-inch Dell touchscreen is at home in conference rooms, classrooms

dell touchscreen c7016t conferenceroom monitor c7017t overview 1200x810 1
Are you looking for a large presentation display for a conference room, boardroom, or classroom, or just to get the biggest monitor available for your personal workspace? How about making it a touchscreen, would that be good? If you answered “yes” or “maybe” to any of the above, you should check out the new Dell 70 Interactive Conference Room Monitor C7016T.

The C7016T is a hefty monitor in size and cost — 70 inches, with a $5,000 retail price tag. Designed for business and educational applications, the huge Dell monitor supports full HD 1,920 x 1080 resolution. The LED lightbar backlighting and a 176-degree viewing angle mean anyone in the room should able to view the screen clearly and with full color, according to Dell.

The monitor surface has 10-point touch capability, which means a total of 10 fingers or thumbs can be used on the screen individually or in combination at the same time. For a large screen likely to have multiple people working on it, 10-point touch should be sufficient. There are also two included styluses if you’d rather not use your fingers. Dell claims the surface coating minimizes not only reflections but also fingerprints and palm prints.

In all, there are five cable inputs, including three HDMI, one DisplayPort, and one VGA. If you’d rather not have a bunch of unsightly cables trailing from the monitor, you can purchase an optional Dell Wireless Module WR517 ($200 list) to connect to the display wirelessly.

There is no stand with this monitor, but it comes with a heavy-duty, extra-large tilt wall mount. Be sure it’s attached to wall studs when you install it; you won’t want this 122-pound display clinging to drywall. A magnetized side panel for the two styluses and the display remote control can help keep everything neat and in one place.

The C7016T comes with Dell’s three-year Advanced Exchange Service, which could definitely matter if this display plays a prominent role in your organization. All warranties are limited, of course, but generally, if this monitor fails during the three-year period, Dell will have a replacement shipped to you the next business day.

You’ve got to really want the touchscreen and presentation capabilities to pay so much for a screen this size. When you can get a fine 70-inch 4K television set for $2,000, it wouldn’t make sense for most people to pay an extra three grand and give up 4K for regular full-HD resolution just to get touchscreen capabilities. For the classroom and the boardroom, however, the C7016T might just do the trick.

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