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Dell XPS laptops, desktops both get huge discounts today

Are you looking for laptop deals and desktop computer deals, but you don’t know where to start? It’s highly recommended that you begin by browsing through today’s available Dell XPS deals, as the brand is known for powerful and reliable devices that will be able to keep up with all your daily activities.

If your budget’s tight, you should take advantage of the discounts that Dell is currently offering on two of its most popular products. The Dell XPS 13 is available at $150 off, bringing the laptop’s price down to $800 from its original price of $950, while the Dell XPS Desktop is also $150 off, lowering its price to $850 from its original price of $1,000.

Dell XPS 13 – $800, was $950

Dell XPS Desktop – $850, was $1,000

Dell XPS 13 – $800, was $950

The Dell XPS 13 is Digital Trends’ top choice among the best laptops to buy in 2021, with its latest iteration introducing a 16:10 aspect ratio and a smaller bottom bezel to increase the size of the screen without requiring a bigger laptop. The 13.3-inch display with Full HD resolution lets you enjoy vibrant colors and bright images, whether you’re doing something for work or school, or you’re relaxing with your favorite TV shows and movies from streaming services.

Multitasking between several apps won’t be a problem for the Dell XPS 13, which is equipped with the 11th-generation Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM. The 256GB SSD provides ample space for your important files and software, and the laptop’s dual fans and heat pipes keep its temperature cool even after hours of usage, maintaining it at peak performance.

If you need a new laptop, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option than the Dell XPS 13. It’s already a steal at its original price of $950, so it’s a must buy with Dell’s $150 discount that lowers the laptop’s price to a more affordable $800. The deal may disappear at any moment though, so if you want to purchase the Dell XPS 13 with this special offer, you shouldn’t hold yourself back. Click that Buy Now button as soon as you can.

Dell XPS Desktop – $850, was $1,000

Black Dell XPS desktop computer, CPU only.

If you already have a nice monitor and complete accessories, the Dell XPS Desktop may be what you’re looking for. It’s the best overall choice in Digital Trends’ best desktop computers for 2021, as it’s a highly customizable PC that’s perfect for families, students, and budget-minded buyers. When you want to eventually upgrade its components, just open the sides to easily access the internals.

The configuration that’s on sale from Dell packs the 11th-generation Intel Core i5 processor and 16GB of RAM, for powerful performance that won’t have any trouble in running the latest productivity apps. The desktop PC also packs the Intel UHD Graphics 730 and a 512GB SSD, and it’s designed to stay quiet so you won’t be disturbing anyone if you’ll place it in a common room.

Upgrade your CPU by buying the Dell XPS Desktop, and you’ll wonder why you waited so long to do so. Now’s your chance to buy the computer with savings of $150, as Dell is selling it for just $850, down from its original price of $1,000. There’s no telling when Dell will stop offering the discount though, so you shouldn’t take too long to think about it. Go ahead and click that Buy Now button to secure your own Dell XPS Desktop.

More Dell XPS deals

Dell’s offers for the Dell XPS 13 and Dell XPS Desktop may be tempting, but if you want to be thorough with your research before you purchase your next computer, you should take a look at what else is out there. To help you out, we’ve gathered some of the best Dell XPS deals that are currently available for you to shop.

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