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Dells new 4k and QHD monitors gives color a real boost

Marketers have an easy time when it comes to hardware sales for the most part. There’s always an extra gigabyte they can tout, or another GHz they can champion, and the same goes for monitors, too. There’s resolution, refresh rates, contrast ratio — all of those numbers should make their job very easy. But it’s not always all about numbers, sometimes it’s about something richer and deeper, like colors.

With Dell’s new 4k and QHD UltraSharp displays, that’s exactly what it’s championing. Along with their high resolution and sizing options – 25-inch, 27-inch and 31.5-inch — the big selling point is the fact that these monitors come supporting Dell’s “PremierColor” technology, which we’re told provides a higher level of precision with colors, meaning you get to see much more closely what the original image appeared as, making it a good fit for photographers and other visual/graphics professionals.

And those colors are maintained throughout the viewing angle (a full 178 degrees) which isn’t something that can be said for most displays. However, if you find what you’re look at too bright or vibrant or would just prefer a different color tone, there are several “industry color standards,” to choose from. The menu system to control it all is designed to be easy to use and intuitive, so it should never be a problem to adjust your settings.

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The 31.5 inch Premier Color UP3216Q, is the 4K (3,840 x 2,160) display in the new range, offering HDMI 2.0 connectivity which allows for content displayed at that resolution to run at up to 60 Hz. The smaller 27 and 25 inch models (UP2716D and UP2516D respectively) offer the same in-depth colors as their bigger brother, but also a much slimmer bezel and access to the SDK which should allow for even deeper customization.

They operate at a lower resolution however, running at QHD, or 2,560 x 1,440.

Although not available right now, this new range of high-precision color displays will go on sale on October 20. Although U.S. pricing hasn’t been announced, direct conversion from Hong Kong dollars reveals the 25-inch model to be $750 and the 27-inch model to be $1,070. No costing data has been unveiled for the 31.5-inch version.

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