Digit-Life Reviews Acer TravelMate 661LCi

Quote from the review at Digit-Life:

“Acer’s mobile PC line underwent some changes in Q3 2003. The company announced a new series: TravelMate 240 / 250, TravelMate 290 and TravelMate 660. With these models the company started restructuring the whole TravelMate line in order to form two groups of products. 

One of the groups will include notebook PCs for users who often travel. Such models will be intended for frequent use outdoors, will have a compact size, long battery life and all wireless communication means. 

The second group will cover notebook PCs used mostly indoors. In such case their dimensions are not that vital. This group also includes models with the most optimal price/performance ratio.

According to this classification, the TravelMate 660 refers to the business notebooks for travelers. Such positioning defines its features – the maximum user-friendliness with the acceptable weight and lengthy battery life. Multimedia features are of the secondary importance. “

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