Digital Trends’ Top 5 viral videos of the week, October 8, 2010

Digital Trends top 5 viral videos of the week october 8 2010 volcano

We are back with a new selection of videos to tickle your fancy. These videos are not all from this week, but they all made us laugh or caused our jaws to drop recently. Enjoy!

This bear knows kung-fu

Does this seem a little unfair to anyone else? I mean, it is already a bear, a fairly fierce member of the animal kingdom, but on top of that it also knows kung-fu? Hopefully whatever twisted master passed on the secrets of martial arts to this bear paid for it dearly when the two faced off in a cage match during the Tekken tournament.

Ladies and gentlemen, the magical stylings of Matt Mulholland

This video came to us directly from the beautiful and talented Felicia Day, star of the hit web-series, The Guild. I think she, like, has a crush on me or something. That’s cool though. Sure, maybe it was just something on her Facebook page, but I know she meant it for me…

In this video, Matt Mulholland, a musical genius from New Zealand, totally rocks out to Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”. But you should watch it anyway, because it is funny.

Pole dancing goes horribly wrong

Pole dancing — it is a privilege, not a right. If you look at the bride, you can see that she is not a fan of the dancer to begin with. Her opinion is unlikely to have been changed following the “incident.”

If you watch carefully, you can see a man, who in a moment of terrified recognition, attempts to stop what is about to happen. Luckily for the world of viral videos, he failed.

A casual motorcycle ride through Moscow

In this video filmed from the helmet cam of a motorcycle rider in Moscow, this soon-to-be organ donor decides that traffic is just for people that value life.

Man goes for a leisurely walk inside an active volcano

Volcanologist Geoff Mackley and his crew descended into a volcano on the Vanutan island of Ambrym and took this incredible footage. Keep in mind that despite Geoff’s casual attitude in the video, the lava that is dancing behind him is between 1,300 and 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit- hot enough to melt even the most advanced Terminator.

Geoff and his crew spent some time arguing in the crater before Gollum finally arrived and bit the ring off his finger before falling into the lava, thus saving the world.