Clumsy computer users rejoice! The washable keyboard is here

dirty keyboard chuck it in the washing machine logitech k310Up until now, spilling a soda or a coffee onto a keyboard usually meant one thing and one thing only: a trip to the computer store. But not any more.

Logitech’s latest addition to the computer accessory market means the next time you give your keyboard a soaking, all is not lost. You see, the  company has just unveiled the K310 Washable Keyboard. That’s right, you can run it under the tap, or even submerge it in water. Dirty, damaged keyboards may finally be a thing of the past.

dirty keyboard chuck it in the washing machine k310

The K310 Washable Keyboard incorporates laser-printed, UV-coated character keys, meaning you’ll have no worries about the letters disappearing after numerous washes.

The keyboard even has drainage holes, helping it to dry in good time so you can return to your computer with your next drink, all ready to spill.

For the perfect wash, Logitech recommends you use a mild soap and soft cloth. It can, if you’re struggling with a really stubborn stain, go into warm water up to 30cm (11 inches) deep. The website warns against putting it in the dishwasher, which means a washing machine is definitely out of the question.

Logitech’s forever-clean keyboard – perfect for mucky eaters and messy drinkers – will be available in the US from the end of this month for $40, before going global in October.