Don’t sit down! It could kill you

South Park World of Warcraft dudeYou might want to stand up for this news. A four-year study has concluded that those who sit the most are the most likely to die sooner. Does that sound vague and threatening? It does to us too, but there seems to be a growing body of research that backs it up. Researchers in Australia tracked the mortality and living habits of more than 222,497 individuals 45+ years of age and found that statistically, the folks that died tended to sit a lot more than their living counterparts. 

From the 5405 deaths that were registered, it was found that those who sat an average of 11 hours or more per day were 40 percent more likely to die than those who sat 4 hours or less per day, reports The Atlantic. Scientists attempted to adjust the data to take into account age, weight, physical activity, and general health as well, which all affect the results. They found that those who exercise five hours a week or more but still sit around are less likely to die than those who are completely docile, but still far more likely than those who move around constantly. 

So what it is about sitting that is so bad? Is it the angle? Are we killing ourselves if we fall asleep in a chair? What’s the deal? Well, we don’t know. The results are still vague, but something about sitting just isn’t…sitting well with our bodies. I’d recommend you all start reading DT on your smartphones, but then we’d have an outbreak of eyesight deterioration. 

So what do you do if you need to be on a computer all day, regardless of this study’s dire outlook? Get a standing desk. Facebook employees use them a lot, we hear. Besides, did you know that sitting with a laptop on legs could fry your sperm? It’s true.