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Windows Store game downloads will soon come bundled with drivers

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As its name suggests, the upcoming Creators Update for Windows 10 will focus on the creative applications of the Windows ecosystem — but the update will also introduce new features and functionality for all kinds of users. Last week at the WinHEC 2016 event in Shenzhen, China, Microsoft detailed one particular way in which the Creators Update will benefit gamers.

Users who purchase their games from the Windows Store will now receive up-to-date drivers when they download their content. Previously, customers had to seek out these drivers for themselves, which made the experience far more complicated and unwieldy.

Acquiring a new game from the Windows Store will apparently prompt Windows Update to download and install the required drivers. Microsoft hasn’t yet detailed the exact specifications of how this process will work, but it seems likely that it will resemble the similar driver check that occurs when a new game is installed via Steam.

Microsoft has gone to great lengths to make improvements to the Windows Store, and most would agree that the storefront is leagues ahead of its predecessor, the Games for Windows Marketplace. Streamlining the driver download process should serve to make it even easier for customers to grab the games that they want and start playing.

However, there will always be a contingent that’s averse to change, and in this case, we’re likely to hear criticism from users who would prefer to have complete control over the process. Automated driver downloads may cause compatibility problems that could have been avoided if the user was at the helm, as noted in a report by MS Power User.

Still, the removal an often frustrating step in the process of purchasing games from the Windows Store is sure to be embraced by the majority. Automated driver downloads are set to arrive as part of the Creators Update, which is scheduled to release in early 2017.

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