Earthlink To Discuss E-mail Intervention

Linda Beck, Executive VP of Operations at EarthLink one of the nation’s leading Internet service providers, will discuss the role of email providers in fighting spam and viruses and explore howproviders can continue to protect individual email privacy as they develop new technologies and authentication standards to protect the Internet community as a whole.

“As a leader in today’s Internet community, and the technical head of an ISP with more than 5 million subscribers, Linda Beck can provide a unique perspective on privacy versus protection at a time when email systems have never been so critical,” said Martin Hall, Conference Director of the INBOX event. “Her prescriptive insight will set the tone for the whole INBOX conference.”

Privacy vs. the Common Good: the Industry Debate Over Fighting

Email Abuse

As email providers develop new technologies and new authentication standards to stop the spread of spam, viruses and other types of malicious Internet activity, a question has emerged within the Internet community: how intrusive should email providers become in the name of protecting the common good? How much right to privacy should an individual retain if his/her PC has been compromised by a spammer or other type of malicious Internet activity? Linda Beck, EVP of Operations for EarthLink, one of the nation’s leading Internet service providers, will explore these and related topics, as well as discuss what types of new technology platforms email providers are developing and testing to protect the interests of the Internet community as a whole.