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The Endless Mini wants to be the PC that puts the entire world online

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Endless Computers’ second attempt at a simple, globally minded PC is the Endless Mini — a small, sleek, spherical desktop computer that costs less than $100.

The Endless Mini features an AMLogic quad-core ARM Cortex A5, a 1.50GHz Mali-450 GPU, and either a 24GB solid state drive and 1GB of RAM ($79), or a 32GB SSD and 2GB of RAM ($99). Rather than running Windows or Mac OS, Endless has created its own Linux-based app ecosystem with over 100 apps made specifically for Endless computers, including Wikipedia and Khan Academy.

If that doesn’t sound like something you’d be interested as technology enthusiast, that’s because it isn’t for you. In fact, Endless designed both its original desktop PC, which shipped over the summer, and the new Mini specifically for people in developing nations who have never used a computer before. That’s why the second-generation product is smaller and cheaper than the original. By using a CPU normally reserved for mobile devices in a desktop device, the company has cut the cost of its product in half, greatly expanding its reach.


“As the entire world shifts online, Endless Mini will be a key catalyst in bringing the unconnected people of
emerging areas into the information age,” Endless CEO Matt Dalio said in a prepared statement. “Endless Mini will provide people in remote areas of the world the opportunity to learn different languages, develop technical skill sets, and build businesses.”

In the interest of keeping costs down and giving the device more universal functionality, the Endless Mini is designed to plug directly into a television using HDMI, or standard composite cables. Both models have three USB ports —one in front, two in back— and an Ethernet port. The 32GB Mini also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth receivers.

The Endless Mini will be available to purchase online in February, 2016. Though the company is not currently accepting pre-orders, you can specify what model you’re interested in when you sign up for their mailing list.

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