Entertainment World Wary of Microsoft

“The majority of entertainment companies, unsure of Microsoft’s motives and wary of its cutthroat tactics in the battle for the computer desktop, have preferred to maintain an arm’s-lengthrelationship with the software Goliath.

But these days, studios fear digital piracy more than they fear Microsoft and have slowly begun to make deals to use its software tools, albeit on a non-exclusive basis.

For its part, Microsoft has tried to calm Hollywood’s anxiety, revealing a portion of its proprietary code for compressing large media files to a standards-setting group and offering longer-term deals to assuage fears it would hike the price of each new software version.”

This is a sticky situation for the home theater and entertainment industries. Microsoft has all but monopolized the computer market some software companies would say. The question is whether Microsoft plans on using similar tactics in the home theater and entertainment markets.

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