EPoX 8KRA2+ motherboard review

Quote from the review at HardOCP:

“The 8KRA2+ performed close to expectations. The initial memory problems plagued us for a while, but things settled down with a BIOS upgrade. Other than the few minor issues (and some major ones below), I didn’t have a big problem with the board. The layout is good (aside from the AGP/DIMM space contention) with all components logically placed and easy to get to. The parallel IDE RAID problems are a cause for concern as this should be working. A BIOS update will likely fix this issue in the future.

I think the performance was actually surprising. It stayed close to the EPoX nForce2 (which I wouldn’t have bet your money on) and the KV7 KT600. To stay within reach of the 8RDA3+ in absence of dual-channel memory says a lot.

However, there are BIG negatives with this board. Its dysfunctional parallel IDE RAID, lack of the four-hole mounting solution for the CPU HSF, initial memory psychosis, the CPU hungry subsystems, poor sound, and the AGP/DIMM conflict are all big points against EPoX on what could otherwise be a good board. I would hope EPoX will address these issues in a possible Rev. 2 release, but I think I’ll skip this one when I’m in the market for my next AMD Slot A board.”

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