Epson Reaches Milestone With Liquid Crystal

The company succeeded in hitting the 20-million-panel milestone less than two years after reaching the 10-million panel mark, in October 2002. Going forward, Epson will further bolster its line of HTPS panels in order to meet demand from the steadily growing business market (for data projectors) and from the highly promising home market (for front-type projectors and large-screen HDTV LCD projection TVs).

Epson has maintained its position as the leading supplier of HTPS panels, the key component in liquid crystal projectors, for the past decade, ever since becoming the first manufacturer to launch full-scale volume production of 1.3-inch VGA panels in 1994.

As the industry’s number one manufacturer, Epson held onto an approximately 55% share of the global market for liquid-crystal light-valves used in projector systems during the 2003 fiscal year ended March 2004. The company, which enjoys a high level of trust from a broad base of customers and which has earned a reputation for top-notch technology, is committed to keeping its lead in the industry. 

The market for data projectors continues to expand. Growth is being driven largely by a heightened demand for business presentations and, more recently, by the computerization of the classroom. The market for front projectors, large-screen HDTV LCD projection TVs, and other home projectors is also growing steadily as DVD player ownership increases and digital broadcasting takes root. Epson will continue to respond to the needs of customers in these markets by leveraging its proprietary leading-edge liquid crystal and high aperture ratio technologies to develop low-power HTPS panels that offer unrivaled luminous efficiency, outstanding brightness, and superior color reproduction