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Evernote adds MacBook Pro Touch Bar support to simplify taking notes

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Apple’s new MacBook Pro Touch Bar OLED touchscreen display continues to gain value as developers add support. Some of the most important creative applications already support the Touch Bar, and now productivity applications like Microsoft Office are taking advantage of the innovative input mechanism.

The latest productivity application to gain Touch Bar support is Evernote, one of the most popular note-taking and information management utilities on the market. Evernote’s developers took a little time to build Touch Bar support into their application, but the wait was likely worth it for devoted MacBook Pro users.

As with all applications that make good use of the Touch Bar, the focus is on making sure there’s a task-specific set of function keys that adapt efficiently to what a user is actually doing in the application. The ability to morph the function keys into task-specific buttons is at the heart of Evernote’s own efforts to provide relevant Touch Bar support, and that resulted in a “top-five” list of the most relevant functionality.

First up is the ability to use a single tap to create a new note:

Next, search functionality is enhanced with a simple way to kick off a new search:

Tagging is also made significantly more efficient and intuitive with a note-specific list of available tags that can easily be scrolled to find the perfect one:

The Evernote team also focused on making the color picker easier via the Touch Bar, by presenting a set of “crayon box” colors for customizing text, table borders, and table cells:

Finally, Evernote users can more easily provide feedback to other users — or themselves, for future reference — with a set of annotation features provided via the Touch Bar. And Premium users can use the same set of tools for annotating attached PDFs:

You can check out more about the new Touch Bar support at the Evernote blog. If you haven’t already, head over to the Mac App Store and download the latest update to add in the new Touch Bar Evernote support.

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