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Facebook Breakup Notifier is a stalker’s dream come true

internet-facebook-creeperFacebook has revolutionized the art of stalking friends, relatives, rivals, and old flame with its profiles, pictures, and news feed. But if you’re creeping for relationship updates, we’ve got a tool that will haunt your dreams, and let you to haunt the dreams of others with more precision. The Breakup Notifier (thanks to Reddit for the link) is a new Facebook app will send you relationship status updates for specific friends, genders, or groups of friends on the social network.

Whenever those particular friends update their relationship status, the app will email you. Think of it as an alarm clock, notifying you that it’s once again time to stare at Jenny Longman through the window each night. Of course, this new app will also be used by over-involved friends, relatives, and moms as well. We also can’t forget the LGBT community. Last week, Facebook quietly added Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships to its list of relationship options, making this app usable by home-wreckers of all sexual preferences.

Still, stalkers you can delight in knowing that if you actually get a response from your Facebook love, things may heat up quick. Statistics show that social media sites tend to kick start relationships, elevating them from flirtation to sex much quicker than those outdated, terrestrial hook-ups. The only problem you may have is ignoring your Wall after things get serious. As it turns out, Facebook may actually be more addictive than sex.

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