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Facebook, Instagram director of products joins the virtual reality revolution

facebook instagram director of products joins the virtual reality revolution peterdeng
Peter Deng/Facebook
Oculus VR is adding another experienced individual to its team, this time cribbing them from its patent company, Facebook, and its image sharing platform, Instagram. Peter Deng will be taking over the role of head of product management at Oculus. He announced his excitement in a Facebook post where he waxed lyrically about the future potential of VR.

Deng has spent the past eight years working at Facebook as director of product management and will continue to do, if his Linkedin profile is anything to go by. However he will no longer be acting as director of products at Instagram, a post he’s held since August 2013.

It’s presumed that coming from his social background, Deng will be looking to push those aspects of virtual reality while under the Oculus banner. However, he also mentioned the excitement of developing new user interfaces and user experiences in VR.

“Helping to mentor and grow a team of talented product managers,” is something else he is specifically looking forward to, and said that through Oculus and its partners, the company can build a whole new definition for how humans “react with each other and with the world.”

He also thanked his coworkers at Instagram and wished them well in the future, stating that he has every faith that they will take the company to new heights in 2016. Some of them in-turn showed up in the announcement comment section to wish him well for the future and congratulate him for landing on his feet.

It seems everyone agrees that Oculus is one of the most exciting ventures currently under the Facebook banner.

This almost stamps the final box on Deng’s tech-firm bingo card. Having worked for Microsoft, Google, Facebook and now Oculus, if he could finish of his career at Apple he’d have a full house.

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