Facebook socially networks roughly 10 percent of Earth’s population

facebook-mark-zuckerbergMark Zuckerberg has had quite the week. First, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss along with former Harvard classmate Divya Narendra confirmed that they would not be appealing the Supreme Court ruling that upheld their $65 million settlement with Facebook and its co-founder. They did, however, decide to move forward with a suit alleging that Facebook suppressed evidence during the 2008 settlement negotiations. All of which might be a little worrisome for Zuckerberg if he weren’t so busy celebrating the just-passed company milestone of more than 750 million monthly active Facebook users.

750 million, on a planet of roughly seven billion people. That’s more than 10 percent of the world’s population, folks.

The number hasn’t been publicly confirmed, coming instead from “a source close to the company” speaking with TechCrunch. An official numbers update from the company hasn’t been released since last summer, when the 500 million user milestone was reached. The insider source is probably the hardest confirmation we’re going to get to, since popular opinion pins expectations for Facebook’s next user count update at the one billion user milestone.