Facebook for Windows 8.1 gets a slew of new features

facebook windows 8 1 gets slew new features screenshot

If you use Windows 8.1 and make a habit of keeping up with your friends by using Facebook, you may be pleased to know that the social network app was recently updated with a selection of new features. In fact, you may have already used some of them without noticing due to the fact that Windows 8.1 automatically updates apps in the background.

Here’s a rundown of the latest changes to come to the desktop version of the popular social networking app.

The newest version of Facebook for Windows 8.1 includes 320 snap view for the entire app, a smileys sticker pack, syncing of profile photos, along with a New Stories notification so that you’re never out of the loop on what’s new. There are some changes to the ways you can manage photos within Facebook as well. The new update allows you to create albums from the Photos page and add photos straight to an album of your choice as well.

When selecting who you want to include in your next conversation, you’ll also be able to search through thread names to do so. Ever get let down when you think there are new stories only to be duped by stuff you’ve already seen? The newest update to Facebook for Windows 8.1 promises to remove messages and old stories that you’ve been through.

What’s more, you’ll also be able to copy links to posts, edit posts, adjust post privacy settings, edit comments, add and remove people from groups, add friends to lists and delete photos. Overall, it sounds like the Facebook experience on Windows 8.1 should be a far more complete one.

Check out this link from Microsoft to take a look at all of the newest changes and features.