FaceVsion’s TouchCam V1 allows for HD Skype video calls at 720p

facevsions touchcam v1 allows for hd skype video calls at 720p facevsison 610x472FaceVsion today announced a budget edition to its popular TouchCam N1. Like last year’s N1 model, the TouchCam V1 will deliver HD video calling and chatting over the Internet through VoIP services such as Skype — in fact, the TouchCam V1 claims to be “Skype Certified.”

The TouchCam V1 will feature a wide-angle lens with built-in H.264 hardware video encoding that is capable of delivering HD 720p video through Internet connections that have as little as 1.2 Mbps of bandwidth to spare.

Users of the latest version of Skype (5.0) for Windows will be able to hold a three or more person conference call. HD video calling through Yahoo and Windows Live will also be supported.  The camera will also offer video calling through business applications from Cisco, WebEx, and GoToMeeting.com, and other online collaborative meeting programs.

To use the TouchCam V1, users will need a computer running at least Windows XP, a gig of RAM, and an Intel Core 2Duo or equivalent CPU — also the Internet connection with at least the 1.2 Mbps of available bandwidth.

FaceVsion emphasizes that the TouchCam V1 is meant to be a budget model to the V1 released last year. The TouchCam V1 currently sells for about $100. FaceVsion says it plans to launch the TouchCam N1 sometime during the first quarter of 2011 with a suggested price of $70.