Falcon Northwest’s granite-based Tiki micro tower PC is rock solid, literally

Falcon Northwest's Tiki micro tower PC features a solid granite base

*Update: Make sure to check out our full Falcon Northwest Tiki Review.

Have you ever felt that traditional Windows PCs are just a little too…common? If so, Falcon Northwest may have the antidote to mediocrity. The boutique manufacturer has taken the wraps off a new “micro-tower” PC, the Tiki, that’s only four inches wide, thirteen inches tall and features a solid-granite base.

Yes, granite. Falcon Northwest figures that while tall, thin PCs are attractive they’re too easy to tip over and often are laid on their side as a result. Adding a heavy granite base makes the Tiki much more difficult to unintentionally knock sideways. It also gives the computer a unique, luxurious look.

The Tiki comes with an array of high-end options including third-generation Core processors, Nvidia GeForce graphics and up to 4TB of storage. Cooling a small system with such powerful hardware isn’t easy (and that goes double if it’s to be reasonably quiet) so Falcon Northwest has made liquid cooling standard.

Obviously, this new computer is not intended to be a budget build. The least expensive configurations ship out at $1,900 and include an Intel Core i5 processor paired with an Nvidia GTX 560 Ti graphics card. High-end builds can be configured with a Core i7 processor, Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 graphics and multiple solid state hard drives. Falcon Northwest even offers a choice of black or blue mica granite, and can coat your Tiki in custom paint – if you pay for the privilege.

In a world of same-old-same-old PCs this new system is an interesting departure. We doubt that it’ll become a runaway hit, but with so few luxury PCs on the market, Falcon Northwest’s tiny tower of power could attract attention from consumers with plenty of money and an urge to spend it.

We have the Falcon Northwest Tiki in house for review, so look for a full write-up sometime next week.