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Mozilla’s built-in price-tracking extension makes it easy to shop with Firefox

With Black Friday and the Christmas shopping period fast approaching, it can be quite tricky to stay on top of the best deals when shopping on the internet. Mozilla has heard those worries and is now introducing a new set of experimental extensions that aim to make it easier to shop while browsing with Firefox.

The first test extension, known as Firefox Price Wise, allows you to add products to a watch list and get automatic desktop notifications whenever there is a price drop. It is currently available in the U.S. only and is compatible with any prices listed on Best Buy, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and The Home Depot. Mozilla says these are among the top websites visited by Firefox users and plans to add support for more retailers in the future.

The second test extension, called Email Tabs, is designed to allow you to select and send links to one or many open tabs via Gmail in a few steps. This can prove useful for sharing holiday gift lists, Thanksgiving recipes, or any other links on the web. Getting started with the Email Tabs extension is easy, after clicking on the Email Tabs icon at the top of the browser, you can select the desired tabs and decide how much of the content you want to send.

Although Gmail is the only email client which is supported, Email Tabs also allows for the links to be copied to the clipboard for outside sharing. Mozilla plans to add support for more email services in the “near future.”

“Just in time for the holiday shopping season, the Firefox Test Pilot team is introducing Price Wise and Email Tabs — the latest experimental features designed to give users more choice and transparency when shopping online. These game-changing desktop tools are sure to make shopping a breeze, with more options to save, share, track and shop,” said Mozilla.

Unlike some of the other popular extensions, both Price Wise and Email Tabs are currently in beta testing, but they are free to install by heading to the Firefox Test Pilot Website. Mozilla has used the Test Pilot program in the past to get feedback on a “Send” extension, which allows you to upload and encrypt large files online. That extension is now getting updates and will make an official public debut later this year.

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