First Intel Core M benchmark scores released

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Less than a week ago, Intel offered the world more details about Core M, a family of fan-less CPUs that could pave the way for thinner, lighter laptops and tablets. On top of increased portability, Intel said that Core M will also provide improved performance and efficiency over both external competitors, and previous-generation low-power Intel Core chips.

Now, some of the earliest Core M benchmarks have been released, and here’s what they say.

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According to Hot Hardware, Intel’s Core M 5Y70 CPU (which were running inside some of the devices revealed during IFA 2014) earned a score of 2.48 in Cinebench’s multi-core CPU test. In the same test, Hot Hardware’s own numbers indicate that AMD’s A10 Micro-6700T processor earned a mark of 1.5 in the same test. Intel’s own Atom Z3770 chip got 1.47, and the Intel Core i3-2377M got 1.43.

Now for some GPU scores. In Cinebench’s OpenGL graphics test, the Intel Core M 5Y70 and its Intel HD 5300 GPU got 16.96 fps. The AMD 6700T got 11.32fps, the Core i3-2377M got 7.56fps, and the Intel Atom Z3770 got 5.8fps. The chip that mounted the strongest challenge to Intel’s Core M graphics score is AMD’s A4-5000 chip, which got 13.06fps in the same test.

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These early numbers tell us that Intel Core M, and specifically the 5Y70, offers significantly better performance when compared to competition from AMD, and Intel’s own low-power alternatives as well.

We can’t wait to get a Core M system in our hands so we can run our own tests though. Plus, as part of the whole package, we need to evaluate battery life to determine whether Core M offers both better performance and increased endurance, as the company claims.

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long to do either. Intel Core M-based systems will start shipping out this fall.

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