First Intel Pentium Extreme notebooks

The Intel Extreme CPU is running at 3.20 GHz, featuring a 169 million transistor architecture, an advanced 800 MHz system bus, Hyper-Threading Technology and a 2MB of L3 cache. The new CPU is basedon Intel NetBurst® microarchitecture and is built on Intel’s 0.13-micron technology.

Liebermann introduces 3 Notebooks with Intel Pentium Extreme: 17” WideScreen Hollywood, 16” Producer and 15” Studio Laptops. See Liebermann ProductPage.

Liebermann Inc. was founded by commercial Film Director Miguel Liebermann and is focusing to become the world’s leading name for no-contest high-performance PC/ Windows© computers.
With its roots in the Hollywood/ Entertainment Industries, and positioned as the Ferrariâ„¢ of PC computers, was born from the vision of demanding entertainment, TV, Film, music and advertisingindustry professionals looking to build products not available anywhere else.