Live outside of the United States? You may be paying more for Apple products

following spring forward event apple boosts prices products abroad macbookauprice

A strong U.S. dollar translates into more earning opportunities – at least that’s what Apple has indicated with recent price adjustments. Following its “Spring Forward” event on March 9 (which revealed a price cut to Apple TV), Apple raised the prices on several products in foreign countries, according to Mac Rumors.

The iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and MacBook Air are just some of the many items that have increased in price in countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand and France. The adjustment was made to reflect the strength of the U.S. dollar.

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Previously, Apple products were available at what seemed like a bargain price in foreign countries. These adjustments appear to be an effort to make up for the gaps. They were immediately seen in the Apple Online Store when it went back up following the “Spring Forward” event.

For example, the new MacBook begins at $1,299.00 on the U.S. Apple Store website. On the Australian Apple Store site, the price point is $1,799.00 Australian dollars, which translates into roughly $1,374.00 U.S. dollars.

If the U.S. dollar were to lose its strength, as it did in 2011, Apple will likely make additional adjustments. The goal seems to be consistency – similarly priced Apple products at vendors around the world. However, international prices will likely remain higher than U.S. prices as a result of taxes.

Will tech enthusiasts abroad start questioning their love for all things Apple?