Fujitsu FMV Deskpower HTPC

By now you’ve probably seen the Tek Panel, an all-in-one Home Theater PC with a 37-inch LCD and our CES 2004 “Best of Show” pick.

We predicted that this trend would take off and it certainly is. We recently ran across another HTPC with an integrated LCD – this time a 22-inch panel from Japanese manufacturer Fujitsu.

The FMV Deskpower integrates a powerful HTPC with a 22-inch LCD

The Fujitsu FMV Deskpower line of HTPCs integrates the computer and display in one unit. They have a few smaller versions based on more traditional 15 and 17-inch displays, but their T-Series are the units we’re really interested in.

From what we can tell on the Japanese Websites where the FMV Deskpower is available, the T-Series is available in either an Intel Celeron 2.4GHz or Pentium 4 2.8GHz version.

Each feature an integrated 22-inch LCD panel, Windows XP Home, on-board digital media readers, a TV-tuner card, a writable DVD drive, and even a built-in subwoofer, all in a nice black and silver custom casing.

While the primary market right now is Japan, it appears that there is a U.S. retailer selling the FMV Deskpower called Users-Side, although their site is also in Japanese. The Celeron-based Deskpower is $2,999 and the Pentium 4 2.8GHz is $3,499 at Users-Side.

The all-in-one units even feature a subwoofer built into the base back panel