Fujitsu shows off Haswell-powered Lifebook UH90 with 3200 x 1800 IGZO touchscreen


We’re onto the third day of announcements at this year’s Computex, which means the big guns like Acer and Asus have announced all their products, and we’re finally starting to see some of the offerings from other manufacturers. Fujitsu is one such company, announcing the Lifebook UH90 Ultrabook today at Computex.

If the UH90 looks and sounds familiar, it’s because it has a younger brother, the Lifebook UH75, which we saw unveiled last fall. The UH90 sports the same 14-inch screen size as its predecessor, but that’s about all that’s the same.

The real news here is the IGZO-based touchscreen, with a max resolution of 3200 x 1800. That should make for a rather sharp picture on a screen that’s only 14-inches diagonally (approximate ppi of 262). The touchscreen itself features a Super Glide Coating to help your fingers move across the screen. Of course, to power a display like that, you’re going to need some major processing power. The Lifebook UH90 includes a 1.6Ghz Haswell-based Core i5 chip and a 500GB HDD. The RAM wasn’t confirmed in the press release, but Fujitsu’s Japanese sites say 4GB will be offered in a standard configuration. Fujitsu also trimmed the thickness off of the UH75, resulting in a 15.5mm-thin chassis on the UH90.

According to Fujitsu, the Lifebook UH90 is also tough and capable of withstanding a weight of 200kgf thanks to its “ultra-compressed solid core.” This weight allowance was calculated during a top-down pressure test performed by Fujitsu. The company used the example of riding a crowded train to explain that the Lifebook UH90 is rugged enough to be carried into busy, public areas without fret of damage.

The Lifebook UH90 Ultrabook should be available in Japan on June 28, but there is no news regarding how soon we will see this product in the U.S. – if we even see it at all.