Fujitsu unveils faster portable HDD

The company said the drive can store up to 69Gb per square inch, has Spin Valve GMR heads, GDT media and MEEPRML read channel technologies.

And it claimed a 22 per cent improvement in average latency compared to current 4,200RPM products.

Buffer size has been expanded to 8MB, while FDB spindle motor technology has been used to improve non-operating shock tolerance and decrease acoustic noise.

“Producing a 5,400RPM mobile hard disk drive with 80GB capacity is a terrific accomplishment for Fujitsu and the industry as a whole,” said Mark Geenen, founder of HDD market watcher Trendfocus.

“Trendfocus believes the mobile HDD market will eclipse 55 million units in 2006. Cost-effectively hitting the 40GB and 80GB capacity points opens up significant growth potential in both PC and consumer electronics markets.”