Gateway 7200S And 3250X Media Center PC’s

gateway 7200s and 3250x media center pcs mdt 1 10 p4 540 3 2 ghz ram 512 mb hdd 160 gb dvd writer radeon x300 se mdm gigabit

Priced at only $799.99, the Gateway 3250X Media Center PC is a low-priced,  feature rich Media Center PC.  It delivers a new level of value to families  and students who need to stick to a budget, yet also want to experience the  benefits that Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 software has to  offer. The PC is a great value, since it’s offered at a price that’s  comparable to similarly configured PCs without the Media Center software.

The Gateway 7200S Media Center PC is a high-end system that delivers the  ultimate in performance for entertainment and digital media.  Comparable to  other PCs priced close to $2,000, the Gateway 7200S Media Center is a great  value at just $1,399.99, including a vibrant 17-inch LCD flat panel display.  Also, the system is based on Gateway’s new patent-pending PC design and  Intel’s BTX architecture, so it provides superior cooling, noise reduction  benefits and improved reliability. Gateway leads the market in BTX-based quiet  and cool PCs; the company has introduced multiple BTX systems since it came to market with its first system in August.