GeForce FX Go5600 selected by Toshiba

By combining the GeForce FX Go5600’s ability to deliver superb visual quality, blistering performance and industry-leading video capabilities with Microsoft® Windows® XP Pro Media Center Edition, theSatellite 5205-S705 redefines the functionality of the mobile computer from a productivity tool to a full-fledged entertainment device.

“The Satellite 5205-S705 is the first notebook PC to ship with the NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5600 GPU, creating an exciting entertainment platform for mobile users,” said Oscar Koenders, vice president of product marketing and worldwide product planning, Toshiba CSG.  “Over the past two years, Toshiba and NVIDIA have elevated graphics performance and mobile computing to new heights, allowing users to perform multimedia applications that once could only be accomplished on a desktop PC.”

The GeForce FX Go5600 is the ultimate mobile graphics solution for mobile entertainment computing. Designed to deliver cinematic-quality special effects and studio-quality color, the GeForce FX Go5600 enables 3D worlds and characters to come alive like never before. Combined with world-class video playback and rock-solid software compatibility, reliability, and stability, the GeForce FX Go5600 is changing the way people use notebook PCs.

“NVIDIA is extremely pleased to partner with Toshiba, a company known for consistently delivering quality and innovation to the notebook PC platform,” said Jeff Fisher, executive vice president of worldwide sales at NVIDIA. “The Satellite 5205-S705 Media Center Notebook PC with the GeForce FX Go5600 GPU represents the convergence of functionality, portability and entertainment that today’s users demand.”