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This stacked, dual-screen monitor is unlike anything you’ve ever seen

As dual-screen setups are becoming increasingly popular in the computing space, a brand called Mobile Pixels has its own product on Kickstarter that’s already gained a considerable amount of attention.

The Geminos dual-screen desktop monitor features two 24-inch 1080p backlit LED displays, each with a 60Hz refresh rate and a 97% sRGB color gamut. The foldable setup is powered by a 100-watt pass-through USB-C charging docking station for laptops or other high-power devices.

The Geminos dual screen monitor, open with both panels showing.

The Geminos monitor gained so much attention it surpassed its $25,000 goal in just 36 minutes of being live on Kickstarter, according to the brand.

It has currently raised over $933,000 on the platform. The crowdfunding campaign will be live for several more weeks, until September 3.

The monitor can open like a laptop and you can slide it up the base to save space or adjust your level of comfort. The Kickstarter page says this feature with the top-bottom design of the displays with an ergonomic advantage over competitor dual-screen displays, which are often side-to-side.

The Geminos dual-screen monitor being used in an office.

The Geminos also includes a 1080p HD webcam in the upper display and two integrated 4-watt speakers. Ports are set up in the monitor’s base. In addition to the 100-watt USB-C pass-through docking station, ports include a USB-A, Ethernet port, HDMI ports, and SD card slot.

The current Kickstarter pledge price for the Geminos monitor is $499, with those peripherals expecting to ship in October. The future sale price of the dual-screen monitor will be $999.

The Geminos monitor is similar to the LG DualUp monitor, which went on sale in June for $700. It is essentially two 21.5-inch landscape-oriented displays stacked vertically, to create one large portrait display with a 16:18 aspect ratio. The double QHD (2,560 x 2,880) resolution display does not fold but does offer a vertical split view function and Ergo stand, with pivot, height, tilt, and swivel movements. The display can similarly be adjusted to maximize ergonomic comfort for users.

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