GoG games will work on Windows 10 without issue

gog galaxy 1 update games

With the official launch of Windows 10’s release client in just a couple of weeks, and more people likely to update than ever before thanks to the free upgrade Microsoft is offering those with Windows 7 and 8 licenses, compatibility is on everyone’s minds. Fortunately though, GoG games shouldn’t run into too many problems, as the curators of those good old games have spent a lot of time making sure just about everything works correctly on the new OS.

To reassure fans who have been asking on the GoG forums whether their favorite games would carry over to Windows 10, the platform provider released a statement on its blog that set everyone straight.

“When GOG.com launched in 2008, Windows XP was by far the most popular operating system among gamers. Ever since then we’ve meticulously tested our entire library to introduce Day 1 compatibility with every new Windows release. We’ve done it for Windows 7, we’ve done it for Windows 8 — now we’re doing it all again for Windows 10,” it reads.

GoG did add the caveat that some games may require a patch when Windows 10 launches, but that they would be freely available from the main site or through the Galaxy client. It also stated that since the new OS was technically still a work in progress for Microsoft, any changes to it in the next few weeks or following launch may break the odd game, but that GoG would fix it as soon as possible if that was the case.

It also praised the software giant’s new operating system, stating that out of all of the OS jumps that GoG software has had to make over the years, the move from Windows 7 and 8 to 10 was the smoothest transition.

Of course those of you that have been using the Windows 10 Preview have known about all of this for a while, since many GoG games have been working on it for up to a year, but for those that didn’t, this is likely welcome news.