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The Google Cardboard VR viewer is now available outside of the US

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When Google came out with Cardboard it made virtual reality more accessible than ever — all you need is a $20 DIY headset and you can experience games, videos, and environments in virtual reality. To date Google Cardboard has unfortunately really only been available in the U.S., but Google is now changing that.

The company is now selling Cardboard from its own website to customers in a few countries outside of the U.S. A cardboard viewer costs £15 for those in the U.K., or you can get it in a two-pack for £25. The jury’s out on whether or not it’s actually fun to sit around with a cardboard headset on while someone else does the same, but hey, maybe it’s a good gift idea.

Of course, while you couldn’t get Cardboard from Google outside the U.S., those who really wanted to get their hands on the headset have been able to from third parties. Still, Google’s mission to bring VR to more people means making it as easy as possible to access the headset, so it’s important that it’s available on the actual Google website.

It’s available outside the U.K. too — you can get it for $20, or $35 for a pair of them, in Canada, and 20 Euros or 30 Euros for two in France and Germany. It is a little more expensive than the headset in the U.S., which runs for $15, but still very affordable for those who want to experience VR without paying for standalone units like the Oculus Rift.

Virtual reality in general is set to be a big part of the tech world in 2016 and beyond — Oculus is releasing the long-awaited Rift headset as we speak, and devices like the HTC Vive have made headlines as great early VR headsets.

Google Cardboard is compatible with most phones under six inches, and you can buy it from Google’s online store.

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