Google rolls out Chromebooks in 6 more countries, doubles U.S. Best Buy sellers

Acer AC710 Chromebook

Starting today,  people from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, and the Netherlands don’t have to import Chromebooks from the U.S. anymore – they can easily get their hands on a select number of Chromebook models now that Google has made its Chrome OS laptops available in their countries.

“Many of you around the world have told us you’re eager to get your hands on a Chromebook, so we’ve been working with our partners to make this possible,” Google Product Management Director Caesar Sengupta wrote in a blog post.

The Chromebook models that Google has released in the aforementioned countries are the Samsung Chromebook, the Acer C7 Chromebook, and the relatively new 14-inch HP Pavilion Chromebook. Only Canada will be getting all three models, however, with the other countries getting only a couple, and France, just one.  

Prices (in  U.S. dollars) and availability are as follows:

Australia: Samsung Chromebook ($361), Acer C7 ($310)
Canada: Samsung Chromebook ($280), Acer C7 ($260), HP Pavilion ($342)
France: Samsung Chromebook ($385)
Germany: Samsung Chromebook ($385), Acer C7 ($360)
Ireland: Samsung Chromebook ($360), Acer C7 (Acer XC7 ($321)
The Netherlands: Samsung Chromebook ($385), Acer C7 ($347)

In addition to making the laptops more accessible to the general public, Google is also rolling out the Chromebooks for business and schools programs in these countries for firms and educational institutions that want to replace their current computers. Back in the U.S., Google is making Chromebooks more available for anyone who wants to check them out in person prior to making a purchase. Within the next two weeks, the company will start selling Chromebooks in 0ver 1,000 Best Buy stores – twice the number of stores in which Chromebooks are currently being sold.