Google Drive and its 5 GB of free storage to launch next week

google driveA week before its rumored official launch,Google Drive details have been spilled. The Next Web found the Dropbox competitor’s draft release, and now we have some fairly solidified specs to pour over. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect Google to announce next week:

  • 5 GB free storage
  • Work “in desktop folders” on both Mac and Windows systems
  • Expected to launch mid next week
  • You’ll be able to access the service at (it currently directs you to a 404 error)

The big news here, obviously, is the 5 GB of free storage. Google Drive will largely be challenging Dropbox and Box, which respectively offer 2 GB and 5 GB (Box doesn’t have a desktop syncing tool, for the record). How much additional storage will cost is still unknown, but 5 GB and desktop access right out of the box (no pun intended) is nothing to sneer at.

Google will likely have a number of early partners at launch to show off as well, giving customers the added incentive of using Google Drive. But Google’s hardly the only one wise to the ropes of the storage market: Dropbox most obviously has made its case, and Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple are all throwing their hats in the ring. Google is actually relatively late to the game – Google Docs has served as a great system for productivity but fails to actually offer any storage or adequate sharing solutions.

Come next week, we’ll see how the product will fare. Google is never one to shy away from a market – even if it’s one with plenty of options. But Google Docs has remained a popular and well-used client, and depending on how the company leverages that connection, Drive could find itself in an enviable position. 

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