Google Earth Rebuilds Ancient Rome

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The glory that was Rome lives again in 3D splendor in Google Earth. The popular service has reconstructed the most famous city of the ancient world, giving visitors a chance to zoom around 6,700 buildings and more than 250 place marks. The 200 buildings already well known to scholars have been rendered as faithfully as possibly.

Google teamed with Virginia University and Past Perfect Productions on the venture, and the 3D models are based on a model of the city known as the Plastico di Roma Antica, which stands in Rome’s Museum of Roman Civilization, according to the BBC.

Bruce Polderman, Google Earth 3D production manager, said:

"Whether you are a student taking your first ancient history class, a historian who spends your life researching ancient civilizations, or just a history buff, access to this 3D model in Google Earth will help everyone learn more about ancient Rome."