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Google gets into the giving spirit, offers 1TB of Drive with every Chromebook

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Chromebook are sure to be a hot item this holiday season. Their popularity has been on the rise over the last year and numerous retailers are offering steep discounts on and around Black Friday. A $150-$200 notebook with excellent battery life is hard to pass up.

Now Google has made the deal sweeter by handing out 1TB of Google Drive storage with every Chromebook. The free storage lasts for two years and works just like storage purchased from Google. A 1TB plan is normally $9.99 per month, so the total value is nearly $240 – more than the MSRP of most Chromebooks!

The offer is available to “eligible Chromebooks” sold from qualifying retail and online stores as well as Google Play. It does appear stores are lagging the announcement of this plan as even the offical Play store is still promoting the old offer (which was “only” 100GB of storage) rather than the expanded 1TB plan. It may be a few days before all retailers are up to date with Google’s announcement.

Windows fans might note that many inexpensive PCs come with a 500GB hard drive, while Chromebooks usually have a 16GB solid state drive; it could be argued that Google’s deal only makes up for a short-coming. Still, free is free, and this deal may help Google’s machines fly off shelves this holiday season. The offer is available until the end of 2014.

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