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Google Goes For The Business Market

Google is teaming up with to work with businesses, and even before announcing the pairing, they’ve come up with a product, Salesforce Group Edition featuring Google AdWords.   It’s not the first time the two have worked together. Two years ago they came up with a Google Maps-Salesforce mash up which people could use to map their contacts, and just last year Saleforce offered a plug-in that allowed people to create and manage Google ads.   However, this new product will replace Salesforce Team Edition as the company’s entry-level product for small businesses.   “The Internet has completely changed the landscape for small and medium businesses and the alliance between Google and enables companies of all sizes to acquire new customers and streamline their business to experience unfettered success,” said Salesforce in a statement released yesterday.   It’s expected that other Salesforce products will come to have integrated Google capabilities, and the company has hinted it’s already looking in that direction.

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Google Bard can now create and edit images, courtesy of Adobe
These are examples of images created with Adobe Firefly.

A few examples of images created with Adobe Firefly. Adobe

Adobe and Google are partnering to bring Firefly, a collection of AI image tools, and Adobe Express into Google Bard. Firefly's unique capabilities and training set it apart from other AI image generators.

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Slack GPT: attend meetings, summarize messages, and more
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Sick of attending all those work meetings every day? Slack could soon take care of them for you by sending its own chatbot to summarize what happened. That’s because Slack owner Salesforce has just introduced its own artificial intelligence (AI) tool called Slack GPT, and it could help make your workload a little easier to manage.

According to Slack and Salesforce, Slack GPT aims to bring AI to your day-to-day tasks. That might mean helping you adjust the tone of your messages to suit a certain audience, or automatically drafting emails to send to prospective clients.

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‘Godfather of AI’ quits Google to speak more freely on concerns
google deepmind collaboration head and neck cancer treatment artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence pioneer Geoffrey Hinton surprised many on Monday when he revealed he'd quit his job at Google where he worked for the last decade on AI projects.

Often referred to as “the godfather of AI” for his groundbreaking work that underpins many of today's AI systems, British-born Hinton, now 75, told the New York Times that he has serious concerns about the speed at which the likes of Open AI with its ChatGPT tool, and Google with Bard, are working to develop their products, especially as it could be at the cost of safety.

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