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Google, HP to resume Chromebook 11 Sales, replace chargers for free

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Some products in the tech world are smokin’ hot. Others are literally smokin’, as in catching fire. Unfortunately for Google and HP, the Chromebook 11 falls under the latter category.

Despite a few combusting charger mishaps, however, Google announced on its official blog that it, along with HP, will resume sales of the Chromebook 11. Don’t fret though. In response to the melting charger issue issue, Google has issued a statement on its Chromebook support page, stating that they will replace the charger for free. On top of that, Google promises that every new HP Chromebook 11 sold will include the non-melting replacement charger.

What’s more, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a report today indicating that roughly 145,000 HP Chromebook 11 chargers have been recalled by Google and HP. This comes after multiple reports surfaced that the HP Chromebook 11 chargers were overheating and even melting.

“With guidance and approval from the CPSC and other regulatory agencies, Google and HP are recalling the original charger for the HP Chromebook 11,” Google wrote. “Customers should visit to request a free replacement charger. We apologize again for the inconvenience this has caused. Your safety is our top priority. With our partner HP, we are resuming sales of the HP Chromebook 11. All new packages will include the replacement charger.”

It’ll be interesting to see whether the new chargers will solve the problem or not. We recommend that you hold off on an HP Chromebook 11 purchase despite Google’s promise. The safest route to go at this point is to essentially wait it out. Don’t see any reports of melting chargers a month from now? Then it’s probably safe to grab one.

It might be tempting to snag an HP Chromebook 11 just in time for Christmas, but safety is more important than stuffing gifts under the tree. Especially if that gift has a history of posing a safety risk.

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