Google Launches SearchWiki

Personalized search is something that’s been bandied around lately, but with the brand new Search Wiki Google has made it a reality. The tool, which is now available to all Google account holders, will really let people personalize their search results.

They will be able to move entries up and down the rankings, let the system remember which answers they like most, delete some answers, and even make notes on results – especially important as Google estimates that 40% of all searches are repeat queries.

The company has be trialing this system for a while, but now it has a full release. Google was careful to point out, however, that the system would only affect personal results, not search engine ratings.

A Google spokeswoman told the Guardian:

"Your re-rankings and deletions presently will affect only your own search results, not anyone else’s. We have no immediate plans to change organic search rankings based on SearchWiki data."