Google offers $100 Chromebook for teachers and students


Teachers and school systems across America are realizing that computers and laptops are becoming integral for the education of their students. Being aware of this, Google decided to work with to help teachers and schools offer Chromebooks at a discounted price of $100. 

Working with, an online charity that acts as a mediator between public schools and donors to bring schools a variety of supplies and devices, Google is offering the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook – including hardware, management, and support – for only $100. Down from the $430 list price, Google said that the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook is the most popular Chromebook in schools. According to Google’s blog post, over 1,000 schools have started using Chromebooks. Still, there are dozens of school systems and students without computers. Not having access to a computer can  severely impair a child’s education later in life since the ability to use a computer is integral in higher education and in most careers. 

Like all Chromebooks, the Series 5 uses Chrome OS with built-in Google Apps. It has built-in 3G connectivity so that students can use the Internet everywhere, even if they don’t have a wireless connection available nearby. The Series 5 Chromebook is incredibly quick to boot, has a long battery life, and has an attractive design. Though it’s not one of the best laptops we’ve ever reviewed, at $100, the Samsung Series 5 will do the trick for students learning the basics of computer use.

Full-time public school teachers in the U.S. can request up to 30 Chromebooks at Teachers must submit their request by December 21, 2012, so make sure to take advantage of this deal now.