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Amazon discounts the Google Pixelbook and Pixel Slate, up to $280 off

Modern innovations in computing technology are making it ever easier for us to stay productive even on the go. The best laptops are becoming more portable and more powerful, while tablets are making strides to offer laptop-grade performance. You can even enjoy the best of both worlds in the form of 2-in-1s or convertibles.

People looking for portable productivity machines and want to go all-in on Google don’t need to look any further than the software titan’s lineup of Pixel tablets and laptops. If the usually steep price tags are holding you back, these deals we found on Amazon might change your mind. The highly rated Google Pixelbook and Pixel Slate have their prices slashed at the moment, letting you in on up to $280 in savings.

Google Pixelbook – $995 ($204 off)

Originally built as simpler and cheaper alternatives to full-featured and Windows laptops, Chromebooks have now evolved into versatile all-purpose machines. The Google Pixelbook is a solid testament to that, offering a suite of powerful features geared for daily productivity and entertainment. It’s also the first laptop with Google Assistant built in. It really is the best premium Chromebook on the market right now.

The Pixelbook comes with a durable 360-degree hinge design that allows you to use it in different ways. There’s a laptop mode for extensive typing tasks and other productive work, a tablet mode for intuitive interaction, a tent mode for banging out some creative stuff like doodling and sketching, and an entertainment mode for watching movies and videos. Simply put, it can adapt to whatever you need it for.

With a seventh-generation Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM inside, this Chromebook can handle multitasking and demanding browsing activities with no lag. It can run mobile games fluidly and even zips through tasks with multiple tabs open. Even the Chrome OS does little to challenge the processor. Google claims that performance remains buttery smooth when using it throughout the day.

Flipping the Google Pixelbook open will reveal a 12.3-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 2,400 x 1,600. This breaks down to a stunning 235 pixels per inch, which surpasses the MacBook’s Retina display. Visuals are delightful, delivering vivid colors, respectable black levels, and sufficient brightness. Multimedia consumption is further upscaled by two speakers that are capable of producing loud and clear audio that can fill a small room.

As a device meant to be taken on the go, the Pixelbook fares well away when unplugged. Its battery can power you through a full day of work or even longer with minimal usage. And with support for fast charging, it can juice up from 0 to 100% in just a little over two hours.

The Google Pixelbook comes at a hefty price tag, but its stellar performance and extreme versatility make it a worthwhile investment. Don’t miss the chance to score the best premium Chromebook for only $1,010 and walk away with $189 in savings.

Google Pixel Slate – $690 ($309 off)

If you want something that’s lighter on the wallet but still capable of delivering solid capabilities, then check out the Google Pixel Slate. With this device, Google attempts to unite the mobile and desktop worlds. It also runs on two operating systems – Chrome OS and Android – offering a platform that replaces both a laptop and a tablet.

For visuals, Google gave the Pixel Slate a “molecular display” with a 3,000 x 2,000-pixel resolution. It’s the most pixel-dense you can get on a tablet, even outperforming the screen of the Pixelbook, the Surface Pro 6, and the latest iPad Pro. Matching this great display is a set of superb front-firing speakers capable of delivering premium-quality audio. It’s got one of the best set of speakers we’ve heard on the tablet and is actually in line with the iPad Pro’s four-speaker setup.

The Pixel Slate comes in various configurations, and this model has the Intel Core i5 and 8GB RAM at its core. This combo handles computing tasks well, such as web browsing with 15 to 20 Chrome tabs open even while streaming video or music simultaneously. Performance is made even better with the built-in Google Assistant, which is like having your own personal Google that you can ask questions as well as help manage your day and control your smart home.

More than just a tablet, this Google device can be paired with add-on accessories (sold separately) to further expand its functionalities. The Folio keyboard, for instance, is useful for extensive typing tasks. It can even fold up and magnetically attach to the back of the tablet, turning it into a kickstand. It also works with the Pixelbook Pen stylus which is perfect if you’re into artistic stuff.

Experience an unmatched level of mobility mixed with the functionalities of multiple devices by getting your hands on the Google Pixel Slate. This 2-in-1 is currently up for grabs on Amazon at a sale price of $720, or $280 below the standard price tag.

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