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Google sends us on a WorldWideWeb hunt for Chromebooks

you found itGoogle’s coming up with all sorts of clever ways to promote its Chromebooks. Last week we and other members of the Chromebook interest group were invited to an exclusive sale on Gilt – only to find that within an hour of receiving our invitation the site was sold out. Today, Google launched a digital scavenger hunt, teasing secret Samsung Series 5 Amazon sales to those quick and lucky enough to find them.

The Chrome blog and Twitter have been posting links to various sites all day, and hinted that users should be on the lookout for “a familiar icon.” Across the various pages, you can spot portions of the Chrome emblem, and upon clicking it are taken to another page that, depending on your timing, will say something like this:

sold out
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Being the tech geeks that we are led us to obsessively follow @GoogleChrome’s tweets today until we spotted a link just as it was posted. Fortunately, our focus paid off and we were able to place an order for a Samsung Series 5. We’ll be sure to update you with all the pre-release details of our hands-on time with the notebook, but if you want to try one out for yourself keep an eye on the Google Chrome Twitter account throughout today and tomorrow. We’ll admit, part of the lure is the thrill of the hunt – so kudos, Chromebook marketing team.

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