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Google Drive’s new prices make Dropbox, OneDrive seem like ripoffs

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Google just fired off a big shot in the ongoing battle for cloud storage supremacy, announcing dramatic price cuts for their paid storage service.

According to the Google Drive Blog, 100GB of Google Drive storage used to cost $4.99/month. Now it’s down to $1.99. The 1TB plan dropped from $49.99/month to a relatively measly $9.99 per month. On the high end, you can snag a 10TB for $99.99/month. For users who need more than that like businesses, Google says that they would be happy to price out a rate for more storage. Google will continue to offer users a free 15GB baseline account. Existing users with paid accounts will automatically benefit from the new, lower prices.


Not only do the new prices make Google Drive more competitive, at this point, they blow Dropbox’s rates right out of the water. Dropbox charges $9.99/month for 100GB and $15/month per user for a bottomless business account. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s OneDrive offerings for personal use max at out at 100GB for $50 a year, and 200GB for $100 annually.

While these new prices make Google Drive a more appealing option, the question remains; will these new prices be low enough to entice users into paying for cloud storage in the first place? We’re guessing that Google Drive’s free 15GB plan is more than enough for a big chunk of the service’s users.

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