Google launches Flight Explorer, experimental air travel service

google tests flight explorer mariella

With the holidays almost upon us, chances are you’ve already booked your flights if you’re going on vacation. But there are always those of us who procrastinate or a last-minute event that pops up, leaving you scrambling to find a flight within your means. Luckily, now is the perfect time for you to take advantage of Google’s new travel service, Flight Explorer. Google stealthily launched the new feature, without any press releases or grandiose announcements.  Flight Explorer basically came out of nowhere. Google didn’t even introduce it as a Beta offering.

Though it caught us all by surprise, Flight Explorer actually seems like a helpful travel-planning tool. Augmenting its Google Flights service, Flight Explorer lets you quickly survey what flights have seats available to book that meet your guidelines at a price you can afford. “Flight Explorer is an experimental feature of Flight Search that allow users to explore flight destinations,” a Google rep told The Next Web. “The feature enables users to consider multiple destinations and multiple days at once, all using live prices, quickly.”

To use Flight Explorer, simply type in your location and where you’re flying to. Then, at the top menu, choose how many stops you want to take, the flight duration you can endure, your airline of preference, and the outbound and return time frames. The service will then show you what flights are available. Clicking on any of them will bring you straight to Google Flights, which you can use to purchase tickets online. Google didn’t reveal any additional info about Flight Explorer, and it’s possible that it could just be a temporary feature; so enjoy it while it’s still up and running.