Google to give employees holiday bonuses, raises

google to give employees holiday bonuses raises zdnet christmasGoogle, it seems, is not immune to the spirit of giving. The Internet giant recently announced that it would be providing holiday air travelers with free Wi-Fi on select domestic flights. And of course, the company would be remiss if it neglected to show some seasonal appreciation for its own employees as well. According to Business Insider, Google will be giving all employees 10 percent raises in 2011 as well as holiday bonuses of $1,000.

The report, which cites a “loyal reader” as a source, quotes an internal e-mail from CEO Eric Schmidt:  “we’ve decided…to give all of you a 10% raise, effective January 1st. This salary increase is global and across the board–everyone gets a raise, no matter their level, to recognize the contribution that each and every one of you makes to Google.”

The e-mail goes on to outline a plan to incorporate part of the holiday bonus into employees’ base pay. And if you think the the $1,000 doesn’t mean much to Google, consider that it allegedly will apply to all 20,000 Google employees – that comes out to around $20 million for just the bonuses alone.

It’s not all goodwill that’s motivating Google. It can’t be, right? It’s free airline Wi-Fi service is being used to promote the Chrome Web browser. And while the raises and bonuses do show that Google’s reputation for being a top tier employer is well deserved, it wouldn’t be overly cynical to suggest that Google’s pay bumps are likely also a measure to dissuade current employees who may be considering defecting to rival companies.  After all, the competition for talent in the Valley is as fierce as ever and any savvy company would be correct in spending money to protect its resources.

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