Google Toolbar Packaged With RealPlayer 10

From the press release:

By making the Google Toolbar available to the very large number of consumers who install the new RealPlayer 10 every day, RealNetworks and Google are bringing the best media playback and search capabilities to millions of users around the world.

RealPlayer 10 is the first free media player that enables consumers to play content in any of the major Internet media formats, including RealAudio®, RealVideo®, AAC, Windows Media, QuickTime MPEG-4 and MP3. By including the Google Toolbar in the RealPlayer download options, consumers can choose to install the free web browser tool which enables them to quickly and easily search Google from any web page and block unwanted pop-ups instantly.

“By combining RealPlayer 10’s popularity with the Google Toolbar, we’re helping users worldwide improve and enhance their media playback and search experience on the web,” said Carla Stratfold, senior vice president, North America Sales, RealNetworks, Inc. “Our relationship with Google demonstrates our commitment to partnering with best-of-breed products and services and leveraging our distribution power to reach consumers in all global markets.”

“RealPlayer 10 is a valuable distribution platform for the Google Toolbar,” said Omid Kordestani, senior vice president, Worldwide Sales and Field Operations, Google Inc. “We are committed to connecting users worldwide to the information they need, and by offering a free pop-up blocker and autofill capability to RealPlayer 10 consumers, Google further enriches their experience on the web.”

RealPlayer 10 is available for immediate download in North America, Europe and Japan at Consumers can download a basic free version of RealPlayer 10, upgrade to the premium version of RealPlayer 10, or get a combination of the premium version of RealPlayer 10 and enhanced content services such as RadioPass and SuperPass through a monthly subscription.

The Google Toolbar, available for download at, enables users to search Google from any web page. Consumers may also use advanced features to eliminate unwanted pop-ups, fill in forms with one click, highlight search terms on a web page, and more. The Google Toolbar is currently available in more than 30 different languages, including German, Japanese, French, Dutch, Swedish, and Russian.