Google’s sleek wireless router, Google Wifi, now available for pre-order

In October, Google announced a revision to the OnHub router, aptly titled Google Wifi. The new router is actually a system of routers, which use overlapping signals to provide you with better reception throughout your home. The Google Wifi router system is available for pre-order on the Google Store.

During October’s event, Google’s Mario Queiroz introduced the new Wi-Fi system, detailing the impressive behind-the-scenes work the router (or routers) do to ensure you receive the best possible reception even as you move throughout your home. The Google Wifi system uses mesh networks to essentially bathe your home in a durable, powerful, Wi-Fi signal. In a news post on Tuesday, Google’s Sanjay Noronha elaborated on precisely how the Google Wifi system works.

You can buy Google Wifi as just a single router for $129, or as part of a three-pack for $299. According to Google, when you set up the three-router system, your phone or mobile device will seamlessly transition between your various access points, using a background network-assist system which will transition you to the best Wi-Fi access point. It will even juggle you between Wi-Fi channels to make sure you’re not on one that’s too congested by other devices.

Another feature introduced at the Google Event will allow parents or router administrators to control access to the routers via a companion app. As was demonstrated, you will be able to pause the internet connection of any device connected to your home router. For instance, a parent could pause their kids’ internet connections to compel them to come to dinner. Or you could pause your roommate’s Wi-Fi when they don’t pay their part of the internet bill — or the rent.

Naturally, your home router already likely has this functionality but it is buried in the administrator settings and not quite as accessible as the Google Wifi companion app aims to be.

The Google Wifi system is available for pre-order and will ship sometime in December. Just in time for the holidays and just the right size for stocking stuffers.

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