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GoToMeeting 2.0

Citrix Online, a division of Citrix Systems, is known for the development of the GoToMeeting software, which allows online presentations, product demonstrations, training sessions and meetings without the need to have everyone in the same room. Their latest version of this web conferencing product, GoToMeeting 2.0, offers even more productivity enhancements to help virtual meetings and the like flow better.

GoToMeeting 2.0 uses patented technology to allow anyone, including customers and coworkers, to view any application running on a presenting computer in real time. Users, after the automatic setup and with no configuration or training, can host on the fly or scheduled meetings. Attendees can come into a meeting via Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and various instant messenger applications.

A number of new features make GoToMeeting 2.0 a huge step up from the previous version. The program offers the ability to record your meeting session ? including audio ? for later playback, which can be beneficial for future training sessions. There?s a feature to share only the specific application being used instead of the entire desktop, which prevents distractions and provides privacy to the presenter?s desktop. Drawing tools are a new add in as well, allowing the presenter and attendees to draw, highlight and point to items which are of interest on screen.

GoToMeeting Screenshot
Image Courtesy of GoToMeeting

Other new GoToMeeting 2.0 features also include the ability to hide all icons, background and toolbars before sharing the desktop, the ability to generate a report when attendees come in and out of a training session and the ability to start online meetings with one click via button integration into email and instant messaging applications.

Those responsible for maintaining GoToMeeting 2.0 will find it extremely secure. It uses SSL encryption on both ends, as well as 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard to ensure that all information is protected. It also works well with firewalls, eliminating the need for IT administrators to change or configure firewall ports.

Pricing for GoToMeeting 2.0 falls into something called ?All You Can Meet?. In this mode, users can conduct unlimited meetings with no durations for one flat rate. The service is available in two versions: one for individuals and small businesses which require one account and have up to ten attendees. The other is a corporate version which provides a minimum of five user accounts and up to 200 people attending per virtual meeting through an optional license.

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