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Grovemade’s $79 MacBook Dock is a stylish compliment for your pricey laptop

For a lot of people, the idea of owning both a laptop and a desktop is perplexing, especially when you’re talking about a Mac. Apple’s computers, while fashionable and remarkably stable, can pack quite the punch on our wallets.

For those of us who opt to hook our MacBooks up to a monitor like a desktop when we’re working stationary, products like Grovemade’s MacBook Dock come in handy — and it’s just as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. That’s largely because it’s manufactured using domestic hardwoods.

“The MacBook Dock is the perfect complement to any office, organizing your workspace while creating more room for other desk accessories,” says Ken Tomita, co-founder, Grovemade. “Its modern design adds a unique and welcoming aesthetic to boost to improve productivity.”

And there’s no need to worry about causing damage to your laptop’s sleek aluminum finish since the MacBook dock keeps your computer intact using laser cut resin and soft wool, effectively preventing the development of unwanted scratches. Furthermore, the company claims that the base of its MacBook Dock is made from a “precision-machined aluminum base for balance and is lined with natural cork to protect workspaces from scuffs.”

The MacBook Dock from Grovemade is evidently designed to match its Desk Collection, claiming to introduce “order and design continuity to workspaces.” Outfitted in both Maple and Walnut color variants, you can use the MacBook Dock with any MacBook Air (11- and 13-inch models), 12-inch MacBook, or MacBook Pro (13- and 15-inch models).

For $79, the MacBook Dock could be an expensive, albeit useful, addition to your home or office setup. Unfortunately for Grovemade, it may not appeal to a wide selection of consumers considering a) it demands other hardwood utilities to match, and b) you need a MacBook and a monitor in order to use it. Nevertheless, for those interested, you can buy one for yourself now.

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